SEO for Dummies

So you think you got this blog, website, or other online presence, and now people are going to see you, hear you, buy from you? Wrong! If Google doesn’t know you’re there, you’ll be invisible. Your services or products could be the best thing since sliced bread – if nobody can find you through a search on Google, you’re virtually dead.

I’ve known this for years, tried to adhere to the standards, but only recently discovered the magic of Google’s Search Console. Google Analytics is nice, you can see how many visitors you have on your webpages. But it doesn’t come close to the newly found insight I get from the Search Console.

I had to tweak my SEO on the old homepage, on this blog, and on the latest addition – my ExxoPok subdomain. Making sure that I have the appropriate meta tags, a good sitemap, alt tags on all images – and then including Google’s verification token – was a little tricky.

The results are worth the effort! After a few days my properties have been crawled, I am beginning to see what my visitors searched for on Google.

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